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By using Peck's Medical Billing, you will increase your revenue while you reduce stress and save time normally devoted to the billing process.

We offer service that is unapproachable in its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is our main priority no matter how small or large a client's business is.

Our "Bulldog" approach to billing and collections is what gets you the most out of every dollar you bill.

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Peck's Medical Billing has been opened since 2001 and has had a variety of clients from all over the United States that include specialties such as Family Physician, OB/GYN, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Hematology/Oncology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and more.

We pride ourselves in our relationships with our clients, and have always promoted a more practical and realistic "down to earth" and family orientated connection with our clients vs. an impersonal "corporate" type connection.

Our company originally started in Kingman, Arizona but moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 and is opening a second office location in Honolulu, Hawaii in the year 2014. Wherever you are, be assured that your every billing need can and will be met by the staff of Peck's Medical Billing.

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