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Physician's accounts receivables soar as more and more insurance companies are taking longer and longer to pay a claim. Peck's Medical Billing has a well established A/R Policy that has been proven many times to be 100% effective in increasing our clients' monthly revenue.

Peck's Medical Billing will demand payment from insurance companies. If a claim is denied Peck's Medical Billing will resubmit the claim corrected as quickly as possible in order to insure timely payment. Remember, the longer a claim is outstanding after initial submission, the longer it takes for you to receive payment.

Peck's Medical Billing will obtain revenues that may have previously seemed uncollectible. By using established contacts with major insurance companies we are able to walk your difficult claim through each step of the billing process. This dramatically improves the successful collection of outstanding claims.

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Collecting from patients can be very difficult and can cause strain between the patient and the physician and/or staff. Peck's Medical Billing eliminates this by stepping in as the go-between and using our developed unique collection technique that not only brings more revenue to your office, but is also acceptable to the patient which allows less problems and stress for the patient, physician and staff.

Peck's Medical Billing strives to help the patient in any financial difficulties by making sure that the patient is being billed appropriately and by setting up payment plans that is reasonable for both the patient and the physician.

Peck's Medical Billing makes no guarantee of being able to get any denied claim paid by an insurance company,
nor of providers offices giving reductions on balances owed or writing off any patient balances. What we do guarantee is a 100% committed effort
and dedication in resolving your problem/issue to the best of our ability.

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