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Outsourcing to Peck's Medical Billing will:

  • ALLOW MORE TIME FOR PATIENT CARE by eliminating time spent by physicians, office managers and staff with insurance companies and medical claim issues.
  • CUT OVERHEAD COSTS dramatically by reducing costs associated with staff (i.e. health insurance, holiday pay, paid time off, etc.). Your costs are furthered reduced from costs associated with supplies (i.e. HCFA's, envelopes, postage, ink, paper, etc.).
  • INCREASE MONEYS RECEIVED PER CLAIM by insuring that all claims are submitted correctly the first time using the unique standards of each individual insurance company.
  • FASTER PAYMENT by submitting claims electronically. Most insurance companies that accept electronic claims usually pay within 7-14 days versus the 30-45 days for the paper submitted claim.
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Peck's Medical Billing makes no guarantee of being able to get any denied claim paid by an insurance company,
nor of providers offices giving reductions on balances owed or writing off any patient balances. What we do guarantee is a 100% committed effort
and dedication in resolving your problem/issue to the best of our ability.

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